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Automatic increase of allocated rooms

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How it works

Increase of allocated rooms | Automatic reservation system®

The system will automatically offer you an increase of number of rooms that we just sold. For example if we just sold 1 room, the system will ask you to add one more room. If we just sold 3 rooms the system will ask you to add 3 more rooms to our allotment/allocation

It means that the increase of the rooms/apartments was successfull and it already happened. The usual reason why this happens is double clicking on the link in the automatic email, but the automatic increase of rooms/apartments is possible to do only once by the first click on the link

The system will offer you the increase of rooms/apartments only for the ammount of rooms that we just sold. The reason is to have all the time availability of rooms to sell. If you want to add more rooms, please contact us via email, we will add more rooms manualy